Fixing Leaks

Did you know? A faucet that drips once each second wastes 168 gallons of water a month. Leaking faucets are usually caused by worn washers. A toilet leak can waste up to 200 gallons per day. Leaking toilets are usually caused 
by leaking flush valves and leaking fill valve.  Remember, fixing leaks saves you money on your water bill!.

Outdoors Tips

The recipe for a perfect landscape includes many ingredients such as plant choice and placement, lawn seed choices, fertilizer, mulches and water. Like any recipe, the amount of each ingredient is critical to the final result and should be measured carefully.

How much water is enough? 
 While many native plants and water-wise species can thrive in this environment, most other 
 plants and grasses need supplemental water to thrive in the dry summers. The watering 
 season in Houston begins in the late spring. In many years supplemental water is not needed 
 until late May and the need for supplemental water often ends in early October. 
 During the watering season, weather is the best indicator of when and how much to water.

Every situation is unique and the information presented here is intended to serve as a guide 
to assist you in achieving your vision for your landscape. These guidelines can be applied in landscape concepts ranging from simple to sophisticated with as little equipment as a hose end timer, hose and sprinkler or with fully automated underground sprinkler and drip 
 irrigation system.

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